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Financial Smarter takes the guess work out of job search and recruitment through our expert solutions. We work hard to source top talents throughout the UK and match them with the right professional entry-level positions in a wide range of industries and sectors. At the same time, we assist local companies in choosing the right people for their job posts.

If you are seeking for an efficient and effective recruitment solution, Financial Smarter has your back. We promise to give our best level of service and undivided attention so you can reach your career or business goals in no time.

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If you are a job seeker…

You might just land your first job with our help. Our specialty is entry-level recruitment, which means we support recent graduates on their job search and match them to positions within local companies across varied sectors. As such, if you employ our service, we can give you access to some of the best jobs in the sector you want to be a part of.

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If you are an employer…

You might find new talents to move your business forward with our assistance. As a premier recruitment agency, we have the right tools and expertise to source top talents throughout the UK. With that, we can help your company hire and induct people that fit your requirements without wasting too much resources.

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With our efficient recruitment service, we will give you access to better career prospects and top talents.

Quality talent pool

We maintain a talent pool filled with skilled candidates who are fit to take one entry-level positions, are ready to grow their careers, and have been vetted by us.

Recruitment expertise

Our recruitment consultants have vast experience in attracting candidates and satisfying different recruitment needs of companies.

Tailored solution

We take the time to understand your requirements, objectives, and culture so we can tailor an appropriate solution for your company’s needs.

Successful outcome

We pride ourselves in using quality sourcing strategies to keep candidates engaged and deliver the best possible outcomes for the companies we serve.

Join others who have achieved their career goals through Financial Smarter’s programs.

We have recently added a new team, requiring us to hire a couple of entry-level staff who can accomplish basic tasks and we can also train. We got a hold of Financial Smarter to assist us in finding candidates, and we were not disappointed. From the very start, their recruitment consultants were very helpful, providing us guidance and insights on the best options we have. As the recruitment process moved forward, they kept us in the loop and presented us with good candidates. In just 3 months we were able to hire two new staff who are both hard working. I whole heartedly recommend Financial Smarter for organisations seeking to fill in their entry-level vacancies.
Skye Browne

HR Manager, Learning Solutions Firm

It was clear that Financial Smarter had vast experience in assisting organisations in getting the right hires. We approached the several months ago to help us find candidates with a background in accounting. We were working on a tight timeframe due to some operational surprises, and we thought they might not be able to deliver. They proved us wrong. In under two months, they found us the right candidates whom we immediately hired. The overall service Financial Smarter delivered to us was top notch. Their recruitment consultants were very attentive and gave us unparalleled support throughout the process. I have no hesitations recommending Financial Smarter to any organisation that needs quality recruitment solution.
Michael Conway

Head Accountant, Finance Company

Our HR team was short-handed, making it difficult for us to tackle recruitment on our own. It was a critical time for us because we just got a new contract and we need people who can handle basic administrative work even with minimal training. We turned to Financial Smarter to help us in sourcing candidates. Within a few weeks they presented us with four qualified candidates, all of whom are degree holders and have taken some sort of training. We conducted the interviews and eventually hired two candidates who we believe were a good fit for our needs and company culture. We truly appreciate the effort Financial Smarter had put in helping us. They made everything simple without compromising the quality of their service.
Leah Green

HR Lead, Digital Marketing Company