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Our team has a wealth of experience in the recruitment field and we have developed the ability to source the best candidates using the best strategies and tools. We are growing our team so we can help more job seekers find entry-level professional positions and assist companies in getting new employees who can contribute to their growth.

Position we are hiring for

We are currently hiring trainee recruitment consultants. This is an excellent professional position if you want to start a rewarding career that will let you make a difference in the professional lives of job seeker and establish a working relationship with companies across various sectors, all while gaining valuable experience and skills in recruitment.

As a trainee recruitment consultant, you will be working under the supervision of a senior consultant. You will be assigned to perform a number of tasks that will contribute to our overall productivity and profitability. These tasks include, but are not limited to:

  •         Seeking business development opportunities with companies by offering our recruitment service using different strategies.
  •         Developing positive business relationships with current client companies by keeping them on the loop about the progress of their
  •         Understanding the requirements and challenges of new client companies and participating in the development of tailored recruitment
  •         Assisting in translating clients’ briefs into coherent job descriptions and an outline of the qualifications of the candidates being sought
                 for specific positions.
  •         Taking part in the sourcing process and utilise different strategies to attract candidates.
  •         Receiving applications from job seekers and reviewing them for suitability against job requirements.
  •         Assisting in the arrangement of interviews, test administration, and shortlisting of candidates.
  •         Having a discussion with shortlisted candidates about the job role and organisation. Administering pre-selection screening may also be
                 part of your responsibilities.
  •         Presenting candidates to client companies and arranging final interviews.
  •         Facilitating orientation and induction of successful candidates when required by client companies.

Why choose us as your employer?

Being in the recruitment sector, we know the value that good employees can bring to companies. This is why as an employer, we make sure that we also show our employees how well we value their effort and contributions in driving our company to success. Here are a few things that make us a great place to work in.

Superb training

To help our employees maximise their potential and help them grow personally and professionally, we provide opportunities for continuous learning and development. Our internal trainings begin when you start working for us, with senior recruitment consultants teaching your about our recruitment process and practices and helping you build consulting skills throughout your career with us. We also carry out external trainings to further aid in our employees’ professional advancement.

Career progression

Being in the recruitment field, we know how valuable careers are for people. They are one of the many reasons majority of us wake up each day. As such, we give our employees the opportunities they need to move forward in their careers. Whether it is professional development through training, mentoring programme, or promotion based on merit, Financial Smarter always finds ways to help its employees advance in the career ladder.

Compensation and benefits

Aside from giving out competitive basic salaries and other cash incentives, we also provide rewards that are meant to look after our employees’ wellbeing. Think holidays and trips as well as team events. By providing such compensation and benefits, we give our team members more motivation and encouragement to always do their best because they know that their efforts are not overlooked.

Conducive working environment

As a progressive company, we want to make sure that our employees always feel empowered so they can do their jobs confidently and maintain their productivity and efficiency. As such, we strive to provide them with a conducive work environment, where collaboration, comfort, and technology are given emphasis. We also foster diversity and inclusion, helping make sure that everyone in our teams can be true to themselves as they work.

Start a rewarding career with Financial Smarter

Use your skills to help place job seekers in the right roles and assist companies in hiring the right people for their entry-level positions. We will then help you have a career that will unleash your potentials and grow your knowledge and skills by leaps and bounds. Apply now!

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