Meet the team that powers Financial Smarter

Our progressive team is made up of dedicated and focused professionals. Working together harmoniously and bringing our knowledge, strengths and experiences together, we are helping make a difference in the professional development and career outcomes of the candidates we assist.


Chris Abbott


I specialise in investment management with a competency in areas that include investment analysis, financial modelling, asset allocation, portfolio performance and management, and investment ethics. Over the years, I have worked with various clients and used my expertise and experience in taking on leadership roles for different organisations. Establishing Financial Smarter has been a long-time goal of mine, as I always wanted to provide an avenue where young people can bridge the gap in their experience and skills and get into the investment management and related career path.


John Robinson

Chief operating officer

I oversee all aspects of our operations, providing vision, leadership and management to the rest of the team. As the second in command to our founder, I take responsibility for ensuring that our people, operational controls, and business procedures are efficient. One of my biggest strengths is my ability to strike up good strategic relationships with those I work with, allowing me to build high performance teams here and in each of my previous companies.


Richard Manning

Senior Recruitment Consultant

I’ve worked in recruitment for more 10 years. Initially, I recruit for a wide range of exempt and non-exempt positions, participating in full cycle recruiting, from technical screenings and interviews to onboarding and beyond. The experience and expertise I gained over the yearsenabled me to provide tailored search for my previous clients. It was only 3 years ago when I moved into recruitment for investment management and has since used my capabilities in helping young people start their career in the sector.


Sandra Sexton

Recruitment Consultant

I have been in recruitment for three years. Although I may be considered relatively new to the field, I have already been exposed to different aspects of recruitment and in making use of various technologies to support full cycle recruiting. Prior to working for Financial Smarter, I have handled permanent and contract recruitment for the financial sector, and have placed candidates in relevant roles at some local financial organisations. I look forward to further growing my recruitment knowledge and experience and helping more candidates secure their desired roles, specifically in the investment management sector.


Ethan Foster

Digital Marketing Manager

Bringing my marketing knowledge and focused campaign experience, I help in improving the company’s brand awareness and presence on digital platforms. I plan, execute and manage all the SEO/SEM, display advertising and social media campaigns, making sure that all deliverables deliver the right message across. I have in digital marketing for four years, and prior to joining Financial Smarter, I worked as a digital marketing executive for an online retail business.


Ralph Collins

Business Improvement Director

Leading business process improvement through strategic solutions is my main specialty. I work with leaders and managers in identifying potential business improvements as well as projects that will allow for cost-savings without sacrificing the quality of services we deliver.

I have worked as a business improvement manager for four years before moving to Financial Smarter and assuming my current role, where I have managed to streamline the process for how we recruit candidates and place them with companies to build their work experience.


Dorothy Hollman

Relationship Manager

I support the company by networking with various stakeholders, especially those of business partners, clients and vendors. I focus on identifying potential opportunities for new partnerships with companies within the investment management sector. My management career has involved establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with stakeholders and working with and leading teams, while continuously building relational capabilities.